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Cookie Policy

We use “cookies” on the website operated by András Gábor Hentes, a sole proprietor, to make our website work as efficiently as possible and to improve the services provided for the visitor. Some of the “cookies” we use are essential for the proper functioning of certain services, others collect information about the use of the website (statistics) in order to create an even more convenient and useful page. Some “cookies” are only temporary (session) and disappear when the browser is closed, but there are also persistent versions that remain on your computer for a while. Some cookies are placed by a third party and will be read back by the third party.

Some “cookies” are necessary for the operation of the site, while others are used to increase performance and user experience.

Definition of key terms in the policy

Data Subject: any natural person identified or identifiable on the basis of any information, of whom the Data Controller manages personal data.

Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”); that natural person can be identified who – directly or indirectly – is identifiable in particular based on an identifier such as name, number, location, online identifier or one or more factors relating to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.

Data management: any operation or set of operations on personal data or data files, whether automated or non-automated, such as the collection, recording, systematization, sorting, storage, transformation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, transmission, dissemination or other harmonization or interconnection, restriction, deletion or destruction;

What are cookies?

A cookie is a set of text information (a text file) that a web server serving a particular website sends and places on your device (it might be a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) on its first visit in order to store information about the user, the operation of the website, or even the relationship between the user and the web server.

By saving, when you return to the same website – from the same device – your browser communicates with the web server, recognizes that this is not the first time you have visited that page, so it can provide information accordingly.

What do we use cookies for?

The “cookies” used on the website operated by András Gábor Hentes, a sole proprietor, are “cookies” necessary for the optimal operation of the website.

Persistent cookies

These cookies

  • assist in navigating the website, note the Visitor’s actions on each page and recognize the Visitor when logging in to the website,
  • they do not store any data about the Visitor, what pages they have visited on the Internet or which could be used for marketing purposes, nor do they store any personal data,
  • remain on the Visitor’s device for the period specified in the cookie,
  • are activated each time the Visitor visits the website.
Session cookies

There are cookies that are essential for the operation of the Website and for its certain functions, for navigating the Website. In order to facilitate the customized service and the login process, the system identifies the Visitor’s computer with a “session cookie”. If the Visitor only closes the browser window, the status logged in when the browser window is reopened will be accepted. These “cookies” do not collect information about the Visitor that could be used to identify them (personal data), or for marketing purposes, or would remember what other websites or subpages of the Website the Visitor visited.

Analytical cookies

We use Google Analytics to compile site traffic and usage statistics, which uses “cookies” to perform its tasks. Google Analytics is a software operated by a third-party that collects aggregated, anonymous data about how visitors use our website. Aggregate anonymous data are used to compile statistics. This allows us to provide information such as the average time of website visits, or for example measuring traffic. Google Analytics does not process any personal information you provide and does not personally identify you in any way.

You can find more information about the “cookies” used by Google here:

Third party cookies

These cookies are third-party cookies placed and read by a particular third party in relation to the options offered on our website. Third-party cookies are not place or read by Györfi Péter sole proprietor, but a third party. We have limited knowledge and control over such cookies, the data recorded with their use and the purposes for which these data are used. The third party cookies may be functional, strictly necessary or analytical cookies. Third parties may use the information collected for their own purposes. The information collected may include (but is not limited to) information about how you use the options of that third party or allow that third party to identify you. For these cookies and information about how specific third parties use the information collected, follow the links below or contact that third party.

Facebook cookies

The website includes Facebook tools that use “cookies” for a better service experience to perform. These tools are softwares managed by third parties that enhances the user experience by, among other things, enabling community interaction and collecting statistics.

You can get more information about the “cookies” used by Facebook here:

Facebook remarketing

We use the Facebook social network’s ‘Facebook pixel’ operated by Facebook Inc. (1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA) or, if you live in the EU, Facebook Ireland Ltd. (4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbor, Dublin 2, Ireland). With a Facebook pixel, Facebook can target your website visitors to display ads (called Facebook ads). Accordingly, we use the Facebook pixel to ensure that the Facebook ads we embed appear only to Facebook users who have also shown interest in our offerings. With Facebook pixel, we want to ensure that Facebook ads match the potential interest of users and are not distracting. With the help of the Facebook pixel, we can also analyze the performance of our ads on Facebook for statistical and market research purposes, so we can find out whether users have landed on the website by clicking on the Facebook ad.

When Facebook opens a website, it directly embeds a Facebook pixel that can place a so-called cookie, or small file on your device. If you log in to Facebook later or visit Facebook pages while logged in, you will register your visit to the website in your profile. The information we collect about you is anonymous to us, which means that we are unable to identify you. However, the data is stored and processed by Facebook so that it can be linked to a specific user profile. Facebook handles data in accordance with its own privacy policy. So, for more information on how the remarketing pixel works and how Facebook ads are displayed in general, see Facebook’s privacy policy at:

You can disable data collecting by Facebook pixel and the usage of your data to display Facebook ads. To do this, go to the Facebook page and follow the instructions for setting up personal ads:,
from the USA,
from the EU

The settings are platform-independent, meaning they apply to both desktops and mobile devices.

Szerverünk által használt „sütik” (cookie-k)

Type Name Description Validity
persistent cookie IDE These advertising cookies are stored by Google in DoubleClick and are personalized to the ads displayed to users based on previous visits to our website. 1 year
marketing cookie, third party cookie fr Facebook uses it to deliver ads to the user, such as ads based on third-party bidding. It also allows you to check the “Follow us on Facebook” and “Like” buttons. 3 months
remarketing cookie (Facebook) _fbp   This cookie helps display our ads to those who have already visited our website if they are on Facebook or a digital platform with Facebook advertising. 3 months
third party cookie (Youtube)   YSC This cookie is installed by YouTube on websites where YouTube videos are embedded. It registers a unique ID to keep statistics about the videos that YouTube has been viewed by the user. until the end of the session
third party cookie (Youtube)   remote_sid We embed videos using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced approach, which means that YouTube can only leave cookies on your computer by clicking on the video player. YouTube does not store personally identifiable cookies for the purpose of replaying embedded videos. until the end of the session
marketing cookie GPS This cookie registers a unique identifier on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographic GPS location. 30 minutes
marketing cokie, third party cookie PREF Registerx a unique identifier that Google uses to store statistics about how a visitor uses YouTube videos on different websites. 2 year
marketing cokie, third party cookie VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE It tries to estimate the bandwidth of users on integrated YouTube video pages. 6 months
persistent cookie _cfduid The __cfduid cookie is used to identify each client behind a shared IP address, and security settings are used on a per-client basis. It does not match any user ID in the web application and does not store any personally identifiable information. 1 month
        analytical cookie Google Analytics _ga   We use Google Analytics cookies to measure traffic to our website. A single text bar is saved to identify the browser, the interaction timestamp, and the browser / source page that led the user to our website. No personal data saved. 2 years
  analytical cookie Google Analytics _gat   This cookie is used to control the fetch rate, thus limiting data collection on high-traffic sites. 1 minute
  analytical cookie Google Analytics _gid   This cookie is used to store the session ID and collect all session activity for each user. 1 day
  persistent cookie   cookieconsent_status Stores information about user policy cookie settings. 1 year
  persistent cookie cookietest This cookie is used to determine whether the visitor has accepted the cookie consent field. until the end of the session
  persistent cookie _secure_session_id Required for the shopping cart functionality on the website. 1 day
  session cookie lastSetCartToken It is used to draw the customer’s attention to what was last placed in the cart. until the end of the session

Your consent

By browsing the Website and pressing the “I ACCEPT” button, you agree to the placement of “cookies” on your computer in order to provide an appropriate and secure user experience.

How to withdraw cosent

If you have consented to the use of “cookies”, your browser will store “cookies” on your computer or other device so that our system will recognize your settings. Consent expires from time to time. However, if you wish to withdraw your consent before the expiration date, you can do so at any time in your browser’s cookie settings.

How to delete/turn off cookies

Every browser allows you to change the settings of the cookie. However, the purpose of cookies is to facilitate the use and processes of the website, so if the use of cookies is prevented or deleted, the user may not be able to fully experience the functions of the website or the website may work differently in your browser than planned.

Usually, your browsers/Settings menus contain settings related to cookies. The following links also help with cookie settings, and you can read more information in each browser’s / Help menu.

Learn more about the cookie settings of the most popular browsers at the links below

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft Edge

You can learn more about “cookies”, on how to delete and control them at

Rights of the data subject regarding data management

A description of the data subject’s rights regarding the processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy, which you can access at the following address: