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Our Mission

Dear Collector,

Welcome to the world of Black Lab Football! You are part of the realization of a long-cherished dream. When I first met the marvelous world of sport cards, I immediately knew that this will be a lifelong passion rather than a simple hobby. After collecting cards for many years, it was time to dream big. I asked myself: “What if I combined the two most important aspects of my life, art and football, in one thing that brings a lot of joy to many of us?”

So, I decided to create my own sport card brand, designing each and every card personally. The determination was followed by actions, and the dream was manifested in reality. With the help and work of my three dear collector friends, we came up with the concept and in December 2019, the Black Lab Football was founded.

As passionate collectors, we strive to make our cards one of the jewels of every private collection – this means quality over quantity for us. We use only and exclusively self-developed techniques during planning, execution, and production. We try to get the most out of ourselves – our goal is continuous improvement and thus achieving the highest quality ever.

As we produce in small quantities, all cards receive increased attention, so you can hold real value in your hands. We hope that each card in your collection will bring as much joy to you as the production of them brings to us.

From collectors to collectors, with love.
Sándor Pongor & Black Lab Football Team